Anguilla Facts



AREA: 91 sq. Km (35 sq mi.)

CAPITAL: The Valley

HIGHEST POINT: 65 m (213 ft.), Crocus Hill

LOWEST POINT: sea level, Caribbean sea

Atlantic standard


GOVERNMENT: British Overseas Territory


UNIT OF CURRENCY: Eastern Caribbean (E.C.) dollar $1 U.S.= $2.7 E.C. dollars. U.S. currency is widely accepted

ELECTRICITY:110 volts, 60 cycles AC

MINIMUM AGE FOR DRIVERS: 21-25 depending on the rental car agency. Temporary local license ($20 U.S.) required, available at rental agencies or the Island Revenue government office in The Valley and issued on presentation of current license from home country; valid for 6 months; drive on left.

SEAT BELT/CHILD RESTRAINT LAWS: seat belts are not required by law, but are recommended for all passengers


HOLIDAYS:January 1st; Good Friday; Easter Monday; Labour Day; May (1st Mon.); Whit Monday, May or June (8th Monday after Easter); Anguilla Day, May 30th; Queen’s Birthday, June 2nd Monday; August Monday THE BIGGEST BEACH PARTY IN THE CARIBBEAN, August Thursday and Constitution Day, (1st Mon. And following Thursday and Friday); Separation Day, Dec 19th; Christmas, Dec 25th; Boxing Day, Dec. 26th

TAXES:a 10% room tax and 10% service charge are added to most hotel bills, plus $1 U.S. per room, per night. A 15% service charge is also added to restaurant bills. Deparrture tax is $20 U.S. by air, or by sea at Blowing Point Ferry Port.

IMMIGRATION REQUREMENTS:a valid passport and return or onward ticket are required. No visa needed for stays up to three months. The U.S. Dept. Of Homeland Security requires all U.S. citizens returning from the Caribbean to present a valid passport

PHONING THE ISLANDS:to call Anguilla from the U.S. or Canada, dial 1+264+ the 7-digit local number


Anguilla Tourist Board New York 246 Central Ave., White Plains, NY 10606 (914) 287-2400 or (877) 426-4845

Anguilla Tourist Board Coronation Ave., P.O.Box 1388, The Valley, Anguilla Al-2640 (264) 497-2759 or (800) 553-4939

Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association Coronation Ave., P.O.Box 1020, The Valley, Anguilla Al-2640 (264) 497-2944


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