Antigua & Barbuda Cuisine


West Indian cookery ifluenced by English, graces most tables. Favorite local dishes include salted codfish, curry conch and souse, or pickled pork. Fungi, a type of polenta made with cornmeal and okra,

is often served with pepperpot stew. Ducana dumplings are a favorite dessert, a mixture ofgrated sweet potato and coconut steamed in a banana leaf. A large portion of antiguan food is imported and resort area restaurant feature American, Continental, Italian and French cuisine. Many eateries close during the summer months.In season, lobsters are caught daily off the coast of both Antigua and Barbuda. Locally growned fruits and vegetables include herbs, eddoes, papaya, breadfruit, coconuts, ginger, pumpkins, soursop, okra, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, mangoes and Antigua’s famous black pinapples.


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