Antigua & Barbuda Facts


AREA: 280 sq. Km (108 sq mi.)

CAPITAL: St. John’s

HIGHEST POINT: 405 m (1320 ft.), Mount Obama

LOWEST POINT: sea level, Caribbean sea

TIME ZONE: Atlantic standard

LANGUAGE:English and English patois

GOVERNMENT: Indipendent. Member of the British Commonwealth of Nations

UNIT OF CURRENCY: Eastern Caribbean (E.C.) dollar $1 U.S.= $2.7 E.C. dollars. U.S. currency is widely accepted ELECTRICITY:110 volts AC and 220 volts AC, 60 cycles; voltage and current vary with location

MINIMUM AGE FOR DRIVERS: 21-25 depending on the rental car agency. Temporary local license ($20 U.S.) required, valid for 90 days; drive on left MINIMUM AGE FOR GAMBLING: 18 SEAT BELT/CHILD RESTRAINT LAWS: seat belts are required for all passengers. Children under 10 must ride in the back seat.

HOLIDAYS:January 1st; Good Friday; Easter Monday; Labour Day; May (1st Mon.); Whit Monday, May or June (8th Monday after Easter); Caricom Day; July 1st Monday; Carnival, August (1st Monday); Indipendence Day, Nov. 1St, V.C. Bird Day, Dec 9th; Christmas, Dec 25th; Boxing Day, Dec. 26th

TAXES:an 8.5% room tax and 10-15% service charge are added to most hotel bills. Departure tax is $20 U.S. usually included in airline ticket prices

IMMIGRATION REQUREMENTS: passport or proof of U.S. citizenship and return or onward ticket are required. No visa needed for stays up to 6 months. The U.S. Dept. Of Homeland Security requires all U.S. citizens returning from the Caribbean to present a valid passport.

PHONING THE ISLANDS:to call Antigua and Barbuda from the U.S. or Canada, dial 1+268+ the 7-digit local number.


Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism 3 Dag Hammarsjold Plaza, 305 E. 47th St., Suite 6A, New York, NY 10017 (646) 215-6035 – (888) 268-4227

Antigua and barbuda Dept. of Tourism, St. John’s Government Complex, Queen Elizabeth Highway, St. John’s, Antigua Antigua and Barbuda. (268) 462-0480.


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